Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Nate & Riannon!!!

IMG_3314 Instead of just eating lunch at my desk like I usually do, I left and got Subway & then ran to WalMart really quick to get a few things.  Some of them I needed, and some of them I didn’t … like these caramel apple filled Werther’s that I saw.  They are really good, so I’ll have to ration them out to just 1 or 2 a day.

IMG_3315 You can’t really tell in this picture but it was REALLY dark outside b/c a huge storm was coming through.  A few minutes after I took this picture, there was a torrential downpour & the tornado sirens went off for about 6 minutes.

IMG_3316When I picked Autumn up from daycare, she couldn’t wait to give me this poster board she had made.  My favorite ones are, “she youst (used) to take me to Sonic a lot,” and “also she cleans my clothes.”  We just went to Sonic earlier this week, which is why the Sonic one is so funny.  I love her sweetness and innocence.

P1110736 After dinner, we went outside to get some pictures of Nate’s family.  This was the first one he wanted me to take.  He’s such a goof ball, and we both started singing, “It’s the circle.  The circle of life.”  LOL!

P1110739Here’s a cute (normal) one we got.  It’s their one year anniversary today!

IMG_3319 There’s nothing better than sitting in a deep rocking recliner chair w/ a sleeping baby to snuggle with!

IMG_3325 It had been raining pretty hard today, and I loved coming home to see a “Steel Magonlia” blooming on our tree.  I like how the petal is full of water.

IMG_3333 I was SO HAPPY that the conference edition of the Ensign FINALLY came in the mail today.  I’m excited to dig into it & highlight parts I like and write notes in the margins.  This picture in the middle of the temple and the Spring colors on the trees is so breathtaking!

IMG_3334 The other day on Pinterest I saw a recipe for how to make your own Magic Shell ice cream topping.  I love that stuff, but it’s so stinkin’ expensive.  It was SO easy to make & only takes 2 ingredients … coconut oil & chocolate chips.  Here’s the recipe we tried.  It was delicious, especially b/c it had a hint of coconut flavor.  It will be fun to try this w/ different flavored chocolate chips.  This is a very very dangerous discovery, my friends!

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