Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo

P1110729 Tonight on the way home, we had to stop and get a picture of some beautiful purple thistle blossoms that we pass every night.  They are such mean & nasty weeds w/ ouchy thorns, but I LOVE them & they they are beautiful.  I love how you can see the different phases of the purple thistle blossom in this picture.

P1110730 There was a whole patch of them on this super busy street corner.  Autumn had fun just spinning around and telling me to watch her.  Here’s some pics I took (almost to the day) last year.  I love it that she enjoys the beauty of nature like me.

IMG_3272I had to go to our last Change The Worlds service meeting.  It’s hard to believe the event is in just 2 weeks.  It seemed so far away when we started the meetings, and now it’s suddenly here.  I finally got home at 9:00 & am so thankful for Mom coming over to watch Autumn while I was gone.  I was hungry, so I decided to go all out in celebrating Cinco de Mayo & made myself a frozen burrito and added some queso.  LOL!

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