Sunday, May 25, 2014

Laurel’s Class Presidency Meeting & Visiting Teaching With A Piñata

IMG_3671 Church today was good, and right after church the Laurel class presidency came over to my house for our meeting.  I hurried and whipped up some brownie batter and threw that in the oven.  Our meetings are too long (2 hours), so it was nice to be at home where Autumn could watch TV in the other room.  Plus, it was great to have hot brownies right out of the oven in the middle of our meeting.  I just love these faithful girls & Sis. Lee so much and so humbled and honored to get to serve w/ them.

IMG_3672 After the meeting, Autumn & I went over to Mom and Dad’s for a little bit to try some of the ribs Mom made.  Then we had to rush off to go visiting teaching.  We visited Laura & Zulema.  Then at 5:00 we went over to Donna & Abbey’s.  Donna had a beautiful dinner ready for us of baked chicken, homemade mac & cheese, a nice salad, and lemonade!  I brought some tropical cake for dessert.  After dinner, Abbey took us out in the backyard b/c she had made a piñata out a brown paper bag.

IMG_3677 The girls had so much fun twisting each other around.

IMG_3674 Donna just tied it to a tree branch & let them hit it w/ a yard stick.  Autumn would get 3 hits, then Abbey would get 3 hits.

IMG_3682We were all laughing so hard, b/c the girls would miss most of the time.  There were a lot of leaves on the ground!  Finally after about 20 minutes of that we just let them hit it w/ out the blindfold.  I thought it would fall apart quickly, especially since it was wet from the rain on the leaves.  But, it took another 6 or so minutes for them to hit the bag enough for it to fall apart.  Those Market Street brown paper bags hold up well!  It was so much fun and was so easy and simple to do.  After that, the girls went and played while Donna & I just sat and talked.  It was such a lovely evening, and we finally left at 8:30!!!

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