Monday, May 26, 2014

Movies & Being Sick On Memorial Day

IMG_3684 I am thankful that today was a holiday, b/c I woke up so sick w/ a cold and sore throat, and so did Autumn!  We spent the morning watching Oklahoma (her choice) and Bye Bye Birdie (my choice).  We had lots of soft tissues and cough drops nearby.

IMG_3686 Mom called at noon to say she was at the store and asked if we needed anything.  I like to drink Gatorade when I’m sick, so she brought me my favorite … glacier cherry frost.  She also brought us some raspberries and for Nick some peanut butter cookies.  I am so thankful for Mom and her kindness and generosity.  It’s nice to be pampered when you’re sick, especially by your Mom!

IMG_3687 Autumn & I finally got dressed and we went over to Mom & Dad’s so Autumn could do a breathing treatment to get the crud out of her lungs.  I posted this pic on Facebook & my cousin Hans wrote, “that looks like a performance enhancing drug!”  Yep, it helps her crank out those rainbow looms like a machine.  Too funny!

IMG_3688 Curt came over to bring Riannon a piece of plywood she needed for a craft project she’s working on.  Mom had rented Monuments Men from Redbox (such a good movie), so we watched that.  He fell asleep in the recliner and when he woke up, he snuggled w/ Baby Olivia.

IMG_3693 It started to rain BUCKETS, and Autumn wanted to go outside and watch it.  I wish we weren’t so sick, b/c otherwise we would have gone out and played in it.  The roofers haven’t put the gutters back on the house, so there were spots where we could have stood in the water and taken a shower.

IMG_3696After the backyard dried out, Autumn wanted to go out and swing.  I told her I wasn’t going to b/c I was sick.  So, she went out there by herself.  I was watching her through the window to make sure she was OK.  It was so sad to see her out there swinging by herself, so I put on my shoes and went out there.  She was so happy I came out, and kept wanting to show me how high she could swing.  She’s growing up so stinkin’ fast, and this was a good reminder to make her the most important thing (even over staying inside b/c I’m sick).  The downside is that we both got about 6 really bad chigger bites! I HATE CHIGGERS!!!

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