Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sour Vinegar Toes & Duct Tape Flower Pen Toppers

IMG_3294 I had a hankerin’ for a Subway sandwich today, so that’s where I went for lunch.  On the drive there, I passed the most gorgeous fields that were FILLED w/ these pretty red flowers.  This picture is bad b/c I had to slow way down (almost stop) and snap it out my window w/ my cell phone as I drove past.  Those fields just screamed all things bright & Springy.

IMG_3297 Today after I got Autumn from daycare, she took her shoes off in the car and she had the stinkiest, sour, vinegar toes ever.  I rolled down the window & made her stick her feet out while we drove to air them off.  LOL!

IMG_3299 When we walked into Mom & Dad’s house, it was pure pandemonium!  There were little girls EVERYWHERE, b/c Mom had all the Activity Day girls over.  I felt like Miss Hannigan on Annie & I even started singing, “Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn I can see them!”  Nate was being such a good helper & “getting his craft on” by cutting up a BUNCH of 2” squares of duct tape for the girls to make pen flower toppers for their Mothers for Mother’s Day.  It’s so fun having him home!

IMG_3300 Here are just some of the fun patterns & colors of duct tape that the girls could choose from.  Some stuck to one pattern/color, while others mixed and matched.  I for sure would have chosen the blue Polynesian print one.  There were so many girls & adults, that there was no room to sit anywhere.  So, I made myself a plate of spaghetti that Mom had going in the crock pot (delicious) and went in the guest room in the back & ate & watched a little TV before I had to leave for Young Women’s.  By the time I came out at 6:08, the place had been cleared out & was back to our peaceful quiet.

P1110734For our activity tonight, we combined w/ the Priests and watched Ephraim’s Rescue at someone’s house in preparation for Trek coming up in June.  It’s such a good movie, and after it was over everyone just sat there in silence and basked in the Spirit.  Then we discussed a little bit how the movie applied to us.  It was a great discussion & I’m so thankful I get to work with these amazing youth.

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Jen T said...

Aren't all the different types of duck tape amazing? My girls are into that and have tons. They make such cool things! That Ephraim's Rescue is very good. What a great activity. have a good week!