Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy 58th Birthday, Mimi!!!

IMG_3921 We woke up this morning to lots of rain!  I LOVE summer storms.  This flower that bloomed by our front door overnight reminds me of the magic sun flower on Tangled.

IMG_3925 Mom found this super cute shirt at the kid’s consignment store for Autumn, so she wore it to church today.  We also tried her hair w/ a new style … the little poof right in the front.  She is looking so grown up these days!  I taught in Laurel’s today about “why is it important to listen to and follow the living prophets?”  I thought it was a very timely lesson w/ all the uproar over Ordain Women & Kate Kelly that’s been happening.  I love digging deeply into the scriptures and learning more about the Gospel together.  I love hearing the insights and testimonies from the girls & other leaders.

IMG_3930 It’s Mom’s 58th birthday today (she doesn’t even look that old at all, does she)?  For her birthday dinner she wanted Ollie North chicken & fried zucchini.  Since she’s diabetic, she can’t have lots of sugar.  So, we gave her a mini cupcake & some raspberries.  For her birthday I gave her “An American In Paris” & “Singing In The Rain” DVDs b/c she loves old movies and b/c she’s a “CLASSIC” just like they are.  We watched part of “An American In Paris” which is one I’ve never seen before.

I left to go to a Bishop’s Youth Discussion, which was really really good.  Sometimes I want to grab the youth by the shoulders and shake some sense into them.  There were some of them that were talking & laughing the whole time and had to have a leader go sit between them.  We had the youth share what they learned at Trek or Beehive/Scout camp.  Someone talked about how they found a pie on the trail (see the story of this actually happening during pioneer days HERE), and how it helped them keep going.  Bishop Atkinson asked us to think about our own personal “pies on the trail” in our lives that have helped us to know Heavenly Father is aware of us.  I immediately thought off my experience at the temple yesterday and I immediately felt the Spirit so strongly again.

IMG_3935 Autumn & I ended up spending the night at Mom & Dad’s b/c it was late by the time I got back from the BYD.  Billy B. came over to have Dad take out some stitches from where he got hit w/ a hockey puck.  I was saying it’s too bad that we haven’t written down or documented how many medical procedures Dad has performed at our house.

Billy ended up staying until 11:30 pm!  We had fun just talking and laughing.  We looked up the Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake hashtag skit b/c Billy hadn’t seen it before.  We kept doing hash tag stuff all night.  He’s such a great kid and is so strong in the Gospel, especially since he’s only been a member for about a year.

IMG_3938Dad had gone home teaching earlier & the lady he visit teaches sent this cake home w/ him for Mom (she had a tiny taste).  We love Mom so incredibly much and are blessed beyond my ability to articulate how lucky we are that she’s ours and we’re hers. 


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