Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Teeth Brushing Party & A Late Night With Anne of Green Gables

IMG_3942 There were a lot of summer storms today.  I love it when it rains & lightning's & thunders.  I called to see if swim lessons were cancelled due to the bad weather, but they decided 5 minutes before class started to go ahead and have class.  So, the kids threw on their swimsuits and I rushed them over.  Luckily the lightning had stopped by then so they just got rained on, but who cares b/c they were wet anyways.

IMG_3944 We don’t get back to Mom & Dad’s house each night until 8:20, and it’s bedtime by then.  So, we had all the kids brush their teeth while we sang the teeth brushing song that Dad made up when we were little kids.  It was a teeth brushing party!

IMG_3945 Autumn & I spent the night b/c Lexie & Mom & I wanted to stay up late to watch Anne of Green Gables.  We kept saying how this is our favorite part of the the night … when the kids are all asleep and we can have quiet adults only time.

IMG_3946 After the 1st half, we had to flip the DVD to the other side.  It was 11:30 by this point and Dad was ready for bed.  He asked Mom if she was coming to bed & she said she was going to stay up and watch the last half with Lexie & I.  He walked over and curled up into the fetal position in the chair and started pretending to cry.  We were laughing so hard b/c it was so random & unexpected.  I think he’d rather have hot pokers stuck under his fingernails than to watch the rest of Anne of Green Gables w/ us (he had been sitting at the kitchen table working on his computer when we watched the first half).

IMG_3947We didn’t finish the movie until 12:30 and were so tired, but it was completely worth it to spend time together watching such a great chick flilck.  I’m so thankful to have been born into this family and to have such a close bond & friendship w/ my Mom & sister!

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