Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July 2014

IMG_4069This morning the Marshalls brought Emma dog over to stay for about a week while they go out of town.  It’s so fun having her home with us!  She’s so stinkin’ cute.  Of course she went to her “Sheldon spot,” which is Mom’s lap.

IMG_4076 Dad had gone bike riding, and when he got back Emma was SO HAPPY that she got to lick his sweaty forehead.  She’s always liked licking Dad’s bald head for some reason … maybe b/c it’s salty???

IMG_4078 It was nice and warm outside, so we got in the pool to cool off and swim.  I tried to get Autumn to do some exercises with me that I remembered from my water aerobics class I took at BYU.  I love working out in the water b/c it’s none to low impact, and if you’re sweating you can’t tell b/c you’re nice and cool in the water.

IMG_4083 We were coming up w/ creative & silly ways to use the $1 Store squirt guns.  I tried “power washing” Autumn’s teeth, and then she did it to me.  Then we would lightly put our fingers over the hole and mist Mimi while she was floating around the pool.  We had a lot of fun!

IMG_4088 After we had been swimming for a while, we decided we’d better get to work and be productive since Dad was at the clinics working.  This is the 2nd time ever that Mom has mowed the lawn!  She was so good at it that she even mowed the neighbor’s lawn!

IMG_4089 Poor Nick got these big huge welts on his body from mowing the area around the pool.  Autumn & I scrubbed the walls of the hot tub to get some of the algae off.  It was a very productive afternoon.

IMG_4091 We met up w/ Papa at Scotty P’s for some hamburgers, onion rings, and cheesecake.

IMG_4095 Next on the agenda was grocery shopping at Kroger’s.  We saw this big copy of the Declaration of Independence, which was really cool.  Too bad it’s sponsored by an alcoholic drink & it looks like Mom is pedaling their product.  LOL!

P1110910 We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing and watching TV.  We loaded in the truck at 9:00 & went to our secret location that we go to every year to watch the fireworks.  We set up lawn chairs in the back of the truck and waited for the fireworks to start at 9:45.  Yes, I’ve got a blanket wrapped around my legs so I don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

P1110917It was a good fireworks show, and I loved the red ones that exploded in a spiral.  It was a very pleasant evening b/c it wasn’t too hot and there was a breeze.  Every time I watch a fireworks show, I try to remember how neat it is and not just take it for granted.  What would ancient kings & people have thought to see such amazing things lighting up in the sky?  As soon as it was over we hurried and put our chairs away and got out of there so we weren’t stuck in traffic all night.  What a fun 4th of July.  I am so thankful for the freedoms that I get to enjoy by living in this wonderful country!!!

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