Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Holy Ghost Cookie Activity

P1110974 Tonight for Young Women’s we talked about the Holy Ghost.  We watched this little video and then did our activity.  One by one the girls were blindfolded and taken out into the hall.  One Mia Maid walked by the blindfolded person and whispered in their ear about how to walk so they wouldn’t run into the wall or chair (obstacles in our lives).  The other Mia Maid yelled the wrong directions to the blindfolded person to represent the things of the world.

P1110976 Once the blindfolded person made it down to the kitchen, they helped to add an ingredient to the cookie batter and mixed it in.  Then for the refreshments we had the baked cookies right out of the oven.  They were delicious!  While they girls were waiting their turn to go out in the hall, or when they had been and were back, we played hangman w/ spiritual phrases and also decorated cute papers to “heart attack” the door of a girl that will be moving into the ward next week.

IMG_4260Here’s the picture that Mom & Dad texted us for the day of their Puerto Rican adventures.

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