Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Curls & Papa The Quilter

IMG_4409 Autumn’s hair looked so cute this morning when we took it out of the curlers.  She wanted me to get a pic of the bouncing curls in the back before we said goodbye for the day at the door to her daycare class.  I miss her so much while I’m at work!

IMG_4410 For lunch today I went to Market Street to get my favorite Panini and sweet potato fries.  I haven’t been there in MONTHS!  Anyways, while I was waiting for my food, I had to sneak a picture of these 2 tables of friends playing cards.  I texted the pic to Karri, Mel, & Mary and told them this will be us in 20 years.  LOL!

IMG_4413 On my way home I stopped at Costco to get a big pizza for our Young Women’s activity tonight.  I had to swing by the bakery section to see if they had one of my favorite desserts there, and they did!!!  I first tried these at Alison’s baby shower and both Liz and I couldn’t get enough of them.  So, anytime Costco has them I have to get them and call Liz and share w/ her, b/c she appreciates them.  But, Liz is on vacation in Colorado this week so it looks like I’ll have to just ration them out so I don’t lose all self control and over indulge.

IMG_4414After dinner Papa was helping Autumn w/ her penguin ornament, b/c Mimi was busy filling out mission forms online.  I forgot to put this on my blog entry for Tuesday 8/5, but Mom & Dad got a letter that day saying they were NOT chosen to be the medical/housing volunteer couple at BYU Jerusalem.  Mom took the news worse than Dad did, which surprised me.  Anyways, the plan now is that they will submit papers to go on a mission early next year.  Dad was teaching Autumn how to thread a needle.  A little known fact is that Dad actually knew how to quilt & embroider WAY before Mimi did.  He got extremely ill for a year and missed the majority of 6th grade.  So, while he stayed at home Grandma Johnson taught him how to sew, quilt, & embroider to keep him busy!

For our Laurel’s activity tonight we planned out the next 3 months of activities.  That’s always nice to have done.  We ate the Costco pizza and even had Girl Scout cookies that Sis. Lee brought!  I love serving in Young Women’s!

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