Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ice Cream Parade Dessert With The Monzingos

IMG_4370 This morning Mom & I went to the temple and did the 7:30 session together.  It’s so neat to sit in the celestial room together.

IMG_4373 I had to stop and get a picture of this hibiscus on the other side of the temple from where I took the first one a few weeks ago.  I didn’t know these could grow & thrive in the Texas heat!  I’ll have to get some for my house.

IMG_4374We called ahead & ordered a Costco pizza and then stopped there on the way home.  I had to get a few things for my lesson tomorrow in Young Women’s.  Mom & I were both hungry, so we sat and ate a piece before heading home.

P1120010 I changed clothes & got Autumn and Nick and we went over to Mom & Dad’s house.  We had lunch and then around 2:00 the Monzingos came over for a swim party & shrimp boil (you can see the food down the middle of the table).  We had so many people that we had the kids sit at the little round table off to the right of this picture.

IMG_4376 Chrissy & her husband decided to have a Dirty Dancing moment.  LOL!  When they were done they said, “nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

IMG_4377 After we swam for a while, it was time for dessert.  Maggie decided she wanted to have an “ice cream parade” for dessert.  So, they brought 15 different pints of ice cream.  We each grabbed one along w/ a spoon, and ate however much we wanted and then after about a minute, we passed the ice cream clockwise.  I only took a few bites of each one, b/c a few bites times 15 types of ice cream is A LOT!  It was a A LOT OF FUN!!!

IMG_4379Here’s the Monzingo crew that came swimming.  It was a blast having them here.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching TV and just hanging out.  It was a great Saturday.

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