Sunday, August 10, 2014

Teaching Primary & Young Women’s

P1120016 Today was a crazy Sunday.  Sacrament meeting was good, and then I taught for the next 2 hours.  Since Liz & Liberty are gone on vacation, Liz had asked me if I could teach her class.  She warned me that they were a bunch of wild boys.  But, it wasn’t too bad, b/c I told them they could earn points by being good for candy at the end of class.  The lesson was about David & Jonathan and how to be a good friend.

After that, I rushed to Young Women’s & taught the Laurels & Mia Maids about why temple marriage is so important.  It’s a lesson that wasn’t just for them, but also for me.  We took this picture together, b/c it’s the last Sunday for Sis. Ausere (white shirt 3rd from the left) & Rachel (front row far left w/ the black lace shirt).  Sis. Ausere is the YW Secretary and she and her family are moving.  She is FABULOUS and I’m going to miss her.  Rachel is heading off to college.

IMG_4383After those 2 hours, I was DONE and ready for a restful Sunday.  We came home & changed into pajamas, had some lunch, and watched Anastasia & then The Frog Princess.  We went over to Mom & Dad’s for dinner and then I had to leave for a Single Adult fireside at 6:30.  This was the gorgeous sky on the way there.  This is SOOC (straight out of camera) w/ no edits or filters or anything that I took on my cell phone.  I love it that the utility pole kind of looks like a cross.

The fireside was EXCELLENT and Sis. Jenson (the stake Relief Society president) talked about the blessings of the temple.  She had a lot of great things to say, and she also asked for our input.  I like it when fireside speakers make it more of a discussion instead of just talking to us.  Nancy was an angel and had offered earlier in the week to do the refreshments since I had so much going on today.  We had a good turn out of about 40 people.  I came home and crashed.

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