Wednesday, September 24, 2014

B.O.W.S.I.E. : Oklahoma

P1120211 Since we had our YW/RS combined meeting last night, we didn’t have a YW Activity tonight.  There are some girls in YW that are in the play “Oklahoma” at school in November, and some of them have never seen it!!!  So, I decided to host an unofficial movie night at my house.  I provided popcorn and drinks and told the girls to bring treats and munchies if they wanted to.  I was so happy that so many girls showed up!

P1120213They just took over the living room and made themselves at home, which made me so happy.  They were kind of loud and didn’t always watch the movie, but that doesn’t matter.  I think I’ll try and do these at least once a month, b/c it was so great for them to just relax and spend time together.  Our times together on Wednesdays & Sundays are so structured that they don’t have time to just hang out and be together.  They tend to open up more when it’s a relaxed environment like this.  I’m stealing this phrase from Heather White, who does the same thing w/ her YW.  It’s called B.O.W.S.I.E … Because Once a Week Sometimes Isn’t Enough to get together and see each other.

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