Friday, September 19, 2014

Jammin’ With Jacob

IMG_4695 As a thanks to Liberty for coming & teaching at our activity on Wednesday, I told Liz that we would love to watch Jacob for them so they could go out on a date.  They brought him over at 6:45 and we started the FUN!  He really liked playing w/ all the fun stuff in Autumn’s Barbie house.  He even found some cool sunglasses.  The living room looks like a hot mess, b/c it was.  Autumn wanted to build a fort w/ pillows and blankets, so she was moving furniture all around to make it work.

IMG_4697 Jacob wasn’t really into that, so she gave up on it after about 30 minutes.  He wanted to do the karaoke machine, but I wasn’t up for that so they just sang into the microphones and had a little dance party w/ songs I played on my iPhone.  I think they’re singing the National Anthem here.

IMG_4701After all the fun & excitement, it was 8:30 so I put in Frozen so they could calm down.  They set up a little makeshift bed and had fun talking to each other during the movie.  I forgot what it’s like to have a little little kid in the house.  It was so fun for Autumn to have someone to fuss over.  I’m glad Liz & Liberty let us watch him while they went on their date!

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