Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mt. Rushmore, McDonalds, & Candyland

IMG_4754 Mom texted me this pic, b/c they went back to Mt. Rushmore since it was nice and clear today.

IMG_4755 They went on the Presidential Trail walk around, and Mom texted me this pic w/ that caption, “up his nose w/ a rubber hose.”  LOL!

IMG_4747 Tonight for dinner Autumn picked to go to McDonald’s, which is good b/c I had a coupon for a free Happy Meal.  We both like the Sweet Chili Chicken McWrap, so I order that meal and then I share the wrap w/ her.  She also likes to play the snowman game on the computer.

IMG_4749 After eating all those fries at McDonald’s, we decided to come home and do some Sweatin’ To The Oldies for fun.  That only lasted for about 30 min, b/c then Autumn lost interest and said it was boring.  So, we played Candyland 5 times and I beat her all 5 times!  We both decided that Queen Frostine is our favorite card to pick when playing.

IMG_4750Tonight we had a Youth temple trip, but I had my counselors go even though I love going on the Youth temple trips.  I was told when I was set apart as YWPres that I need to put Autumn first, so that’s what I did.  Plus, I’m learning how to delegate better.  Anyways, as I was putting the game away, I saw this saying on the box and thought it was prefect!  I’m glad I got to be home w/ my Autumn girl tonight … right where I needed to be.

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