Sunday, September 27, 2015

General Conference & Gatorade

IMG_9070 Usually the 4th Sunday of the month isn’t my busiest, but today was FULL! Autumn & I got up and tied these cute General Conference thoughts to a bunch of Gatorade water bottles. I found the thoughts/printables on Marci Coomb’s website, and she is FABULOUS!!!

As soon as church was over Autumn & I went visiting teaching. Our second appointment had to cancel b/c she was sick. We rushed home and got here just a minute before our home teacher got here. I’m so thankful to have dedicated and loving home teachers.

We had some dinner, relaxed for a little bit, and then went to a baptism. There is a 15 year old girl that was introduced to the church by a boy in one of the other wards (congregations). But, she lives in our ward boundaries, so we are going to try and transition her over to our ward. She is a firecracker and is full of energy and light. I saw a lady sitting by herself and looking like she was out of place so I went over and introduced myself. It ended up being this girl’s Mom and she’s not a member and isn’t super close to her daughter. I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone and that Autumn & I talked to her and ended up sitting next to her the whole evening. She was super sweet.

As a reward for making it through such a busy day I watched the newest episode of Downton Abbey. Sooooo good! I’m sad it’s the last season.

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