Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday, Nicky Snicky!!!

IMG_8973 It’s Nicky Snicky’s birthday today, so I got up early and put this little display together for him. That way he sees it as soon as he walks into the kitchen. The small gifts are from Autumn & me, and the big fancy bag is from Savi. She was so cute and came over to give it to me before she left since she wouldn’t be here for his birthday. I hid it and then brought it out this morning.

IMG_8974 I had to go to the dentist to have a big filling drilled down and a temporary crown put on along with having a filling done. UGH! It’s so stinkin’ expensive, but I’m thankful to have a really good dentist.

P1130052 Tonight we all met up at BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner to celebrate Nick & Riannon’s birthdays. It was super delicious food, especially the pizookies.

IMG_8978 I brought these funny birthday headbands for them to wear for dinner. They were both good sports and kept them on the whole time. Random strangers in the restaurant even came over to wish them a happy birthday on their way out the door. LOL! We’re so thankful that Nicky Snicky is a part of our family!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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