Monday, September 21, 2015

Picky Pants

IMG_8970 Autumn REALLY needs some new pants b/c all the ones she has are high waters. We’ve tried several stores, but none of them have worked out. She is SUPER PICKY about her pants and how they feel. So, WalMart was our last option. We went tonight so she could try some on. I’m pretty sure I brought her at least 13 different styles of pants to try on and she found some small thing wrong with all of them. This is how she tests out if she likes the pants or not! She squats down frog style and if there’s any gap in the back or if they’re too tight she won’t wear them. I kept asking her how often she’ll ever be sitting like this at school!?!?! UGH!!!!

Anyways, we finally decided on some leggings that were just $5 and they’re a little bit too long, so she’ll just have to roll them up at the bottoms. I can’t believe she’s already topping out the top of the girls clothing and switching over to Juniors!!!

IMG_8971 I know this picture is blurry, but I had to document the big pile of clothes we got her. Plus, the lady checking us out was a HOOT! She was so much fun and was so cute. When we left I went and told the manager how great of a cashier she was. I’m thankful every time we go shopping that we have the means to buy groceries, and today that we were able to find clothes that Autumn will wear and that aren’t too expensive.

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