Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Service Auction

IMG_9125 Tonight the YW had a combined activity w/ the Relief Society. The Relief Society did a “Service Auction” and we were invited to participate. A few weeks before the activity they passed around a sign up list. We even had some men offer services such as mowing a lawn, cleaning out gutters, etc. When we got to the activity tonight we filled out a survey to “earn” points that we used to bid on the items.

Items on the survey were things like earning 5 points for making your bed today, reading scriptures, etc. Then there were some things you could earn 10 points for, or 15 points. It was quite a long list, and I ended up with a little over 300 points.

Each item was written on a piece of paper and you were assigned a bidding number. You would write down your bidding number and how many points you were bidding. It was so funny to watch certain ladies just hover around one or two that they really wanted in the last minute of the bidding.

Autumn & I were able to get a bunch of items b/c we bid on stuff that was low. We got some Filipino eggrolls, a hula dance lesson, FHE treats every Monday night for a month, and an art lesson. The service I offered was to babysit from a Friday evening to a Saturday afternoon. I’m so happy that my friend from college won it, b/c I know she and her husband can really use an overnight get away. It was a super fun activity!!!

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