Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Utah Or Bust

IMG_9129 I was up late last night doing laundry & packing for our trip to Utah today. I left work at 3:00, went and got Autumn, and we hurried home. We threw a few last minute items into our suitcases and then Sis. Wright came and picked us up at 4:00. We’re so thankful we arranged w/ her a few weeks ago to drive us to the airport since Nate & Riannon were both working. There was hardly any line at all to get through security, which was super nice! Autumn loved watching the fish in this big tank they had in the airport. They even had a little interactive screen where you could learn more about the fish and other sea life in the tank.

IMG_9132 We grabbed some individual pizzas at Pizza Hut for dinner and then sat and waited at our gate for our flight. We’re both soooooooo excited to be going to Utah!

IMG_9134 She was so excited & nervous at the same time that she was snapping as we walked down the gangway. She was most nervous about stepping over the small gap between the gangway & the airplane. Luckily there was barely even a gap at all this time. The gangway was pretty much touching the plane.

It was a great flight w/ very little turbulence. We flew Delta & it was super nice b/c they had individual headsets in the back of each seat. We forgot to bring headphones, but we still had fun playing games & watching Paddington Bear w/out sound.

IMG_9143  We went and got our keys to the rental car, and I just started laughing when I pushed on the clicker out in the row of cars and saw this super small Chevy Spark light up! I felt like I was climbing into a clown car. When they say “compact” they mean it! We could only fit one of our 2 small carry ons into the trunk. I do have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much head & leg room there is in the front seats. I was able to sit up straight & not have my head hit the ceiling. It has ZERO get up and go. I’d floor it when a stoplight would turn green and it took it a good 5 seconds to even move a tiny bit. LOL! But, it’s supposed to have great gas mileage so that’s a great thing.

We got to Aunt Jill’s around 10:00 and then Cory and his family got there around 11:00. We hugged and said hi and visited for a little bit, but then we were all exhausted and went to sleep. Aunt Jill was so apologetic that we had to sleep down in the basement apartment, but I was THRILLED b/c that’s where Tara & I used to live together. I have so many great memories w/ her down there of just laughing and eating and watching movies.

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