Friday, October 9, 2015

Broken Light & Alien Worm Hair

IMG_9361 Tonight after I dropped Autumn off at cheer practice I went to WalMart, b/c we needed groceries. I didn’t get a chance to go shopping before we left for Utah, so we were out of a lot of stuff. I bought some new lightbulbs for Nick to replace the one over the kitchen sink. When he went to unscrew it, the glass broke off right at the metal. So, the metal part was still stuck up in the socket. We turned off the lights and I got up there and tried to unscrew the metal part. I had to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from the falling glass. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the metal out. We’ll have to wait and have Curt come replace the socket, b/c the metal was just breaking off and wouldn’t unscrew. Darn it!!!

IMG_9366 Autumn wanted her hair put up in curlers tonight after she took a shower so that it will be super curly tomorrow for her special cheer game down at SMU stadium. They’re just foam sticks that we got at the $1 store. We were laughing b/c her hair looked like alien worms on top of her head.

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