Friday, October 23, 2015

Cato’s Clothes

P1130194It rained like cats & dogs again today. There has been some really bad flooding down near Corsicana! Aunt Jana even called to check on us b/c it was on the news up in Utah. Where we’re at, it’s just soaking into the ground and no flooding yet. When I picked Autumn up from cheer practice, they were watching videos while they ate dinner to see how more professional teams look. They’re trying to get the girls to all be in sync w/ each other and the music.

IMG_9562 We were SO HAPPY when we got home to see a package on our porch. Our Squatty Potty came today. We first saw it on Shark Tank a while ago, and I decided to finally give it a try. We’ll see how it goes.

IMG_9566 While Autumn was at cheer practice I went to Cato’s to buy some clothes. Mom & Dad gave me some birthday money. I tried on about 4 times as many clothes as what you see here. It’s so nice to go clothes shopping alone so I don’t have to keep Autumn entertained while I shop and try on lots and lots of clothes. These are the ones that I came home with.

10.23 Autumn wanted me to do a fashion show so she could see what they looked like on. I got some great basic shirts that will go with a lot of things, and then some really fun tops. I tend to like plain bottoms and more colorful/printed tops. I’m excited to add a lot of Type 3 clothes to my wardrobe. Happy Birthday to me!!!

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