Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cupcakes & A Volleyball

IMG_9539 Since we didn’t have Young Women’s tonight, our home teacher came over. Since his partner is out of town, he brought his daughter w/ him. We LOVE them, and she’s one of my counselors in Young Women’s. They are spiritual but also like to joke and don’t take things too seriously. They were so sweet and Stephanie brought me cupcakes & Bro. Brown brought me a red velvet cake. Let the birthday sugar rush start early!!!

IMG_9541 When they left Autumn & I hopped in the car to go to Academy Sports and get a volleyball. Autumn has been begging to get a volleyball for several weeks and we finally made it happen tonight. I made her buy it w/ her own money so it will mean more to her and she’ll take better care of it than if I bought it for her. She really liked this blue one b/c it’s on the softer side and she likes the color. It was $10, which is perfect for her price range. I’m so glad she’s interested in volleyball. She told me she’s going to start a volleyball club during recess.

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