Friday, October 16, 2015

Fancy Formal Friday

IMG_9436 Tonight while Autumn was at cheer practice and I went and got some stuff done. I got my car cleaned (inside and out) at my favorite car wash place. They do such a good job and are so thorough. My favorite part is that they clean the film off the inside of the windshield and they use an airbrush to get all the little crumbs out of the crevices in the middle console cup holders. They had this cool Texas star bench outside for customers to sit on. It was a beautiful evening so I waited outside for them to finish detailing my car.

IMG_9437 I went to Payless and found some cute flats on clearance for $10. Then I went over to Ross to see if I could find some clothes since Mom gave me money for my birthday. I ended up leaving w/ only one shirt and this super fancy/formal dress. It was only $30 and it fits perfect, is long enough, and it’s modest. I splurged on it, b/c I have NO formal dresses and I need one to wear to nice Christmas parties, etc.

IMG_9439I hope these girls realize how lucky they are to have such a FABULOUS cheer coach. She had one of the families bring food after their practices each Friday night. The coach provides the drink, chips, fruit, and a popsicle. She truly LOVES these girls and we LOVE her!!!

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