Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stunts Saturday

IMG_5807 Our game was at 10:30 today, and it was actually a little bit on the brisk side b/c it was cloudy and there was a pretty good breeze. But once the girls got cheering and moving around they warmed up. I thought it was great and felt so good and had to laugh at the other Moms all bundled up in blankets and jackets. I love seeing the girls standing at attention w/ their pink pom poms.

IMG_5831 Their half time dance was great, and they always like to sit in a line together and watch the cheerleaders from the other team perform their halftime routine. Autumn always thinks that her team is better than the other cheerleaders. I need to teach that girl about humility. LOL!

IMG_5837 They got to do some of their stunts since cheer competition is coming up in a month. They looked great doing this stunt.

IMG_5853 Anytime a player gets hurt, the football players and cheerleaders all “take a knee” until the player gets up. We all clap, no matter what team they’re on. It’s a great way to teach them that this is just a game and that good sportsmanship is important.

IMG_5857 Huddled around their fearless leader/coach. I love it that Autumn is so into cheerleading. It’s so good for her on so many levels. But, it will be nice when it’s over and we can get our Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays back!

IMG_9441After the game we went to WalMart to get some groceries. I was SO EXCITED to see that they are carrying Project Life at our local WalMart. I am REALLY proud of myself for not buying any Project Life stuff, b/c I already have so much and don’t NEED more until I use what I have. But these kits are super cute! We got our groceries, came home, cleaned, and spent the rest of the day relaxing but also getting stuff done around the house.

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