Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grandpa & Gardner Village

IMG_9139 We got up and Aunt Jill made sure everyone had some breakfast. I was talking to Aunt Jill & I didn’t know where Autumn was. I heard voices so I looked under the table, and Jackson & Autumn were under there having a deep conversation & playing with the dogs. LOVE IT! Carly & her girls Face Timed to say hi.

IMG_9145Autumn & I went over to Grandpa Johnson’s to say hi. I tried calling, but he can’t hear the phone unless he’s sitting right next to it. We rang the door bell, knocked on both doors, but he didn’t answer. So, we went around to the backyard so I could take a picture of Autumn near my handprint & footprint in the cement of this ramp from 6/24/1980. I looked up and Grandpa was in his bathroom shaving. He saw us and we waved to him to come around to the front and let us in! LOL!

IMG_9153 I have never seen this picture of Grandma & Grandpa before. They are so young and so good looking!

IMG_9155  We had a good visit w/ Grandpa. He’s very mentally sharp for being 87 years old. After Autumn & I left and got in the car I said, “wasn’t that so neat to spend time w/ Papa’s Dad?” She looked at me like, “HUH??” She didn’t realize that was Papa’s Dad! I started laughing so hard … did she think we just went and visited some random man???

IMG_5255 We met up w/ Ashley, Bianca, Quincy, & Baby B at Target and then got in their mini van and went to Gardner Village. We were so happy to see they had it all decked out for Halloween.

IMG_5258 It took a minute for the kids to warm up to each other, but pretty soon they were having a blast and being super cute w/ each other.

IMG_5259 The Bridge

IMG_5267We wanted to get a picture of just the 2 girls together. A leaf came flying down out of a tree as we were taking pictures and it landed in their faces. They both screamed and freaked out. It was so funny! Such cute sisters!!!

IMG_5293 We had fun walking around, looking in the shops, watching a machine pull taffy, etc. Such a super great way to spend our morning. These kids are too adorable.

IMG_9164 We were all hungry since it was lunch time, so we went to Cafe Rio. So delicious!

IMG_9166 After eating the kids just wanted to play, so we went to Ashley’s Mom’s house. They blew up the bouncy house and the kids had a great time jumping. Then they jumped on the trampoline, played inside the house, and just had a good time.

IMG_5324 It was SO NICE to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful Utah weather. Before we knew it, time had slipped away and we had to get back home. I’m incredibly thankful for such a close and loving friendship w/ Ashley & Bianca and their whole family. We just love them!

IMG_9171 We went back to Aunt Jill’s, got Autumn’s things, and I took her over to Jason & Nicole’s. We sat & visited for a little bit and then I left so they could go to dinner. I started crying super hard before I even got back on the freeway. She’s my whole world and it was hard to leave her. The mountains are SO GORGEOUS!!!

IMG_9173 I stopped at WalMart to get a few things that I couldn’t pack in my carry on like hairspray, face lotion, perfume, etc. ONLY in Utah would you see something like this in the middle of the jewelry section. It makes me smile. I called Autumn before she went to bed to say good night & she how she was doing. She asked me to come pick her up b/c she was nervous about spending the night. Luckily she was only about 20 minutes away, so I went and got her.

She said dinner was good and they had a good time, but she just hadn’t warmed up to them yet. We went back to Aunt Jill’s, said hi to everyone for a few minutes, and then went to sleep.

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