Monday, October 26, 2015

Winco For The Win

IMG_9663Autumn & I grabbed some fast food for dinner, b/c we went straight to Winco to do some major shopping. We ate in the car before going in, b/c it’s never a good idea for our budget if we shop for groceries on an empty stomach. I had to get a bunch of stuff for Young Women In Excellence coming up on Wednesday. Autumn was such a trooper as we went all over the store. I love Winco, but don’t shop there enough to know if things are cheaper in bulk or just regular. So we did a lot of back & forth to check prices and make sure we were getting the best deal. Plus, I don’t know the layout of the store super well so we did a lot of backtracking to find the things we needed which always ended up being on the other side of the store.

We finally got home after 2 hours of shopping and this delicious bread was sitting on our doorstep from our Family Home Evening Treat Fairy. It’s been so fun to see what yummy treat she’ll leave for us on Monday nights. It was the perfect sweet ending to a busy evening.

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