Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Young Women In Excellence 2015

There was some MAJOR drama that went down yesterday over the use of the gym tonight. Another ward thought it was there turn b/c they had reserved the gym on the online calendar. I didn’t even know there was an online calendar. Luckily we go it all worked out and they got 2/3 of the gym and we only needed 1/3. I’m so thankful that I found out about it yesterday, b/c if I had gotten there tonight and the whole gym was taken I would have shut down.

P1130257Anyways, the church wide youth theme for the year is “Therefore, O ye that EMBARK in the service of God, see that ye serve Him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.” (D&C 4:2) So I combined that with a camp theme. We each embarked on our own individual journeys this year, but as a group we embarked together to girls camp. It was a great experience and I feel like we really bonded at camp.

ywie charms4 of us leaders talked about the 4 areas the scripture mentions of heart, might, mind and strength. At camp we had necklaces where we could earn charms, so for our gift to the girls we gave them each charms that represented the 4 areas: heart = l♥ve, might = sword, mind = house of learning, strength = barbell.

IMG_9678We had everyone sitting in a big circle and each girl went around and shared what she has worked on this year and how it has helped her grow as a person. It was great to hear from each of the girls and see them shine as they talked about how they’ve used their talents for good. One of the girls put together a slide show from the pictures I have taken over the past year, and it was awesome. The Bishop shared a few closing remarks and then it was time for the food!

P1130242I took a bunch of pictures of the food table so that I can remember this years later in case I need to have another camp themed party. Plus, I’m going to pin these on Pinterest in case other people need ideas. I got these ideas from a bunch of different websites & sources.

P1130243 One of my counselors is a party/wedding planner in her profession and she had these wonderful wooden stands & discs that she brought. It worked together PERFECTLY with out theme and treats. Here are the acorns that Autumn & I made last night. It’s just a little nutter butter circle w/ a Hershey kiss “glued” to the bottom w/ chocolate frosting. Then we “glued” a butterscotch or chocolate chip on the other side of the nutter butter.

P1130244 This was a “make your own s’mores” bar. We had chocolate syrup and the most delectable homemade caramel sauce for people to drizzle over their s’mores.

P1130247 The cute camp printables are from HERE.

P1130258 Since the charms were so small, I didn’t want them to get lost. Plus, I wanted to know which young women got theirs and which didn’t. So, I got these white boxes from the $1 Store (I think they’re 12 to a pack), added a little anchor sticker, and wrote their names on each one. We put the charms in a little plastic sack and put that in the bottom of the box and put lifesavers on top of that to fill up the boxes a little more.

P1130246 I was going to do s’mores in a bag, but it was so much more expensive to buy the teddy grahams in their own snack sized bags. So I just did it this way. I had chocolate, cinnamon, and regular flavored teddy grahams. One box of each was waaaaaaay more than enough.

P1130248 We served the food in these metal tins that I got at the $1 store (4 to a package). It was great b/c they kind of had the feel of camping tin foil dinners. Plus, when the night was over we just put the lids on them, wrote what was in them, and sent them home w/ people.

P1130249 These were a popular item and went fast.

P1130250 These are pirouette sticks.

P1130252 These are just chocolate wafer sticks. I also saw online where people used Twix candy bars instead.

P1130253 Trail mix

P1130255 We had regular and spicy Cheetos

P1130256 The butterfly plates are from the $1 store.
 P1130260 The girls wore their camp shirts, anchor bandanas, and charm necklaces from camp.This is such a fabulous group of Young Women. I feel like we’re in a really good place right now as a group, which is so nice after all the struggles we’ve had over the past year. I deeply love each and every one of them as I’ve prayed for them, served them, and thought about them.

P1130266 Reesa & Stephanie are such incredible counselors. We have so much fun serving together, but we also work. It’s fun to see how different we are, yet we get along so well and are truly united in the work of serving the Young Women. I can’t even express how much they mean to me. It was a great night, and one that we are so glad is over and done with. I’d call it a huge success!!!

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