Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Night Lights

IMG_9682 Usually the local high school’s varsity football games are on Friday nights, but it’s supposed to be pouring cats & dogs tomorrow so the game was moved up to tonight. Luckily Nate was off and Autumn & I didn’t have anything going on tonight. So, we went and got In ‘N’ Out and did some fun tailgating before the game.

IMG_9713 Olivia was obsessed w/ the eagle mascots and kept an eye on where they were the whole game. Nate took her down to say hi and she was super cute. But when the big inflatable plastic eagle came around, she was NOT happy and wouldn’t wave or say hi.

IMG_9711 This adorable grandma lady in front of us completely befriended Olivia. For the whole 2nd quarter Olivia was sitting on her lap. It was so stinkin’ cute to see them interact together.

IMG_9731 It was a fun game, and Nate & Olivia left at half time b/c it was 8:30 which is past Olivia’s bed time.

IMG_9743 I was surprised at how empty the stadium was! So, we had Karri and her friends come over and sit by us since we’re a section closer to center field than where her seats are. It was fun finding girls from church that are in the band & color guard and waving to them. Autumn & I left at the end of the 3rd quarter b/c it was past Autumn’s bedtime. Plus we were winning w/ a score of 60 something to 10! GO EAGLES!!!

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