Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Annual Fall Fest Activity

P1130372 We were combined w/ the Young Men tonight and they were in charge. We had our annual Fall Fest, where each class is in charge of some sort of race or relay that involves food. This year the 3 Young Men classes combined their 3 games into 1 big relay. Each of the 6 classes lined up and had to balance an apple on their forehead while running to the other side of the gym. Then they had to put an Oreo on their forehead and w/out using their hands they had to wiggle it down into their mouth. Then for the final game they had to balance a round candy on a spoon. It was fun to hear the youth telling their teammates to hurry up or go faster. We’ve got a really competitive bunch!

P1130380 The Beehives were in charge of a donut on a string eating contest.

P1130387 The Mia Maids were in charge of a pie eating contest. But, the person eating couldn’t use their hands. Someone from their class had to stand behind them and feed them.

P1130411 The Laurels were in charge of bobbing for apples. I did it a different way this year. I used my apple cutter to cut the apples into slices. I had one boy from each class and one girl from each class compete against each other. Beehives against Deacons, Mia Maids against Teachers, and Laurels against Priests. I put the apples in a bowl of Sprite to keep them from going brown, and it worked like a charm. Then when it was time, I put 16 slices in this huge bowl of water, which is what they bobbed in. They had to take the slice out w/ their mouth and put it in their bowl. Then when all the apple slices were gone we counted them up to see who had the most. As you can see, Josh put his whole face & half of his head in the bowl! I’m glad I thought to bring towels for each faceoff!

P1130416 Look at the water dripping off of Alex’s face! All of the points were added up for each class, and the Laurel’s 5 year winning streak was finally broken. The Teachers won this year.  It was a super fun activity and one that the youth look forward to every year.

Happy Veterans Day to my 3 favorite veterans: Dad, Nate, & Riannon! Plus a huge and heartfelt thank you to ALL veterans for defending and preserving our freedoms! It can't be coincidence that Veterans Day is during the same month as THANKS ... GIVING! So much gratitude!!!

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