Friday, November 27, 2015

Family Fun Friday

IMG_6427 Autumn & I got up this morning and went over and went to the $1 store to get some balloons. We stopped by one of my YW’s house to decorate her door b/c it’s her birthday today. Then we went over to Nate & Riannon’s and had Texas shaped waffles and crepes for breakfast. Then we went to see The Good Dinosaur. I didn’t have very high expectations b/c I thought it was going to be like Land Before Time. It was a cute movie, and I shed tears several times during the movie. But, it’s not one I’ll run out and buy when it comes out on video.

IMG_6428 We came home and I made cornbread and taco bean soup for lunch.

IMG_6429 It’s nice to be gathered together around the table as a family. We just wish we had to set 2 more places for Mom & Dad.

P1130458 It has been raining nonstop since last night, and a big park by the movie theater was flooded! The rain let up for a little bit and the kids were going a little stir crazy so we decided to walk to the bridge in the neighborhood and see if the stream that runs under it was full. It was a roaring river, and the pond was almost overflowing. It was good for the kids to be outside where they could run and be loud and burn off some energy. It was 39 degrees, so we were happy when we got home and could warm up.

IMG_6432 We watched The Santa Clause and the Lexie & Jon left at 7:00 so they could get on the road to go home. It has been SO NICE having them here for Thanksgiving. We love them so much and are thankful we’re family.

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Jen T said...

What a fun family day! Being with family is such a blessing especially around the holidays. I hope your mom and dad are doing well!