Sunday, November 8, 2015

Muffins, Movies, and Mary

IMG_9859 We got up this morning and made blueberry muffins from the bulk mix we got at Winco. Autumn was such a good helper and did a great job filling the muffin tins w/ batter. Donna came & picked us up (including Nick) since there was a special regional broadcast. It included Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma! It was a 2 hour meeting, but Liz & Liberty sat by us so Autumn & Jacob kept each other entertained. It was a good broadcast and a lot of good things were shared. The second we said “amen” to the closing prayer, we were heading out the door so we could beat all the traffic of everyone trying to get out of the parking lot.

IMG_9861 We came home, had lunch, and then watched “The Bible” DVD’s as a good way to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Of course we also had to have a bowl of popcorn. It was great b/c Autumn doesn’t like to read scriptures, but watching the video spurred a lot of Gospel questions. She kept telling me to pause it so she could ask me something about what or why something was happening.

IMG_9863 After I got her to bed, I watched Downton Abbey. This one had a surprise ending that involved Mary that I wasn’t expecting. I’m in denial that this is the last episode before the 2 hour finale on Christmas Day. Then after that, it’s over forever!!!  I’m sad I have to wait over a month for the next episode. I guess the silver lining is that I can rewatch them all over again when they air on PBS in January. Then I can buy the DVD and watch all 6 seasons to my heart’s content.

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packmom said...

Autumn is getting so big! It's great to see her enjoy baking. I bet the muffins were yummy. Great idea watching a video to keep the interest and questions coming about the bible. I don't watch Downton Abbey but I feel sad for you that it's ending soon. Hope the finale won't disappoint.