Friday, November 6, 2015

The Soggy Story

IMG_9843 Autumn’s water bottle had a leak and we didn’t know about it, and this library booked got SOAKED! We tried to dry it out w/ a blow dryer, but when she showed it to the librarian, she said that we would unfortunately have to pay to replace the book. So, Autumn inherited this book for $14.99. Luckily it’s a book from a series that she loves, so I’m sure she’ll read it again.

IMG_9831 We got to cheer practice a little early tonight, and the girls had fun walking along these big wooden beams. It was great practice for their balance.

IMG_9841 One of the girls was running in the gravel parking lot and tripped and fell. She had some pretty good road rash on her tummy, side, and especially her arm. The other girls were so cute about trying to take care of her. I went in and took over to make sure the scratches were cleaned out w/ soapy water. Then we dried them off and put some bandaids on the scratches. She’ll be fine, I think it just scared her more than anything. I was so impressed w/ how much the other girls fussed over her and tried to make her feel better.

While Autumn was at cheer practice I came home and got  A LOT done like finally organizing the scary pile of jewelry on my dresser. I also went through my jewelry and got rid of 2 big ziplock bags full of jewelry. I also filled a garbage sack w/ clothes and shoes I don’t really wear anymore. I organized my big tupperware bins full of holiday decorations in the scary office closet, and cleaned up the “dump it” pile in the garage. I’m so excited to go drop off all these things to Goodwill tomorrow! It felt GREAT to get rid of some clutter and get things put away where they belong. I need to keep this up and keep purging even more stuff.

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