Friday, December 4, 2015

Fancy Wendy’s Dinner & Tree Lighting

IMG_0303 Another local city was having their Christmas tree lighting tonight, so after I got Autumn for daycare we drove over to the area to get a good parking spot. Then we walked across the street and had a “fancy” dinner at Wendy’s by this swanky fire.

IMG_0305 After we ate we walked over to the festivities area and got there in time to see these dancers performing pats of The Nutcracker. They have a show coming up and were encouraging people to buy tickets. I felt bad for them, b/c it was pretty chilly out tonight (low 40’s, high 30’s). They were beautiful dancers & Autumn was mesmerized.

IMG_0323 After they were done we walked across the plaza to where the tree lighting was going to take place. We wanted a good place to watch it. The mayor said a few words and we all counted down w/ him. It didn’t light up the first time, so we did it again and it worked the 2nd time. There were also fireworks that went off on top of one of the buildings. We ran into a BUNCH of families from church. I’m glad I had one of the Moms take this picture of Autumn & I w/ the tree behind us.

It was was PACKED and there were so many fun booths to go around and check out. But, Autumn wanted to wait in line to jump on the springless trampoline for 1 minute. After she had her turn we went and watched a few more performers that sang and did some hip hop dances. It was a great evening and she was for sure ready for bed when we got home, b/c it was way past her bedtime.

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