Saturday, December 5, 2015

Save The Magnolia Tree, One Ring To Rule Them All, & Watching Home Alone In A Barn

IMG_0334I got up this morning & went to the 8:00 session. I usually go on Saturday mornings anyways, but a guy in the DFW single adult group was going through for the first time. So, I went to that session in hopes of meeting an eligible guy. No such luck. I must have been more tired than I thought, b/c I totally fell asleep during one part and the person next to me had to nudge me awake. WHOOPS! I was glad to be in the temple, though. There’s always such peace there.

IMG_0335 I stopped on the way home & got some breakfast sandwiches as “payment” to Nick for watching Autumn for me. But, we all eat them for breakfast. Then I went and got an oil change & tire alignment. I thought it was only going to be about 30 minutes b/c I had an appointment, but I was there for almost 2 hours! They didn’t tell me there was a car ahead of mine in the queue for the alignment. At least they had a TV and an interesting show I like (Swamp People) was on. I also snagged a diet Coke from the mini fridge.

IMG_0342 When I got home we got to work. I had Nick & Autumn help me put up our outside Christmas lights. We keep it super simple w/ some lights on the plants and shrubbery. Nothing on the house b/c that’s too much work. Our poor magnolia tree out front has so many brown leaves on it that we got a letter from the Home Owners Association that we need to replace it. They are going to give us until spring to see if it’s just in hibernation. It’s supposed to be really warm for the next week (low 70’s) so we’re going to water it everyday and see if we can save it b/c it’s got a lot of green shoots on the branches. Does anyone have suggestions on how to save it??? Autumn enjoyed being outside and getting to ride her bike.

IMG_0359 We came in, had a late lunch, got cleaned up, and went over to the church for the annual nativity display. One perk about having Mom & Dad on a mission in South Africa is that we don’t have to haul Mom’s 100+ nativities over there and then pack them up and bring them home. We went to see Bro. Moon, who used to be our home teacher. He had a lot of really neat old Bibles to show us. Autumn & Nick were most excited to see this first edition book, and the actual prototype “one ring to rule them all” that was used in the movie. Autumn thought that was so super cool. The ring is actually heavier than it looks. The best part though, was seeing Bro. Moon again. He has made such a positive impact on Autumn & holds such a special place in her heart.

IMG_0390 After the nativity we stopped at WalMart to “get a few things” and left with over $100 in groceries. But, I hadn’t gone shopping in a long time and it was time to restock on some staple items. One thing we splurged on was eggnog. When we got home & got all of the groceries put away we awarded ourselves w/ a glass of eggnog. Autumn & I like ours diluted w/ just a little splash of regular milk. Nick likes his undiluted.

IMG_0383 Autumn & I left to go pick up my friend and her 2 kids to go to a single adult activity that was about 45 minutes away.

P1130468 We watched Home Alone in a barn! It sounds so random, but it was actually A LOT of fun! They even had these pretty Christmas lights strung up in the rafters which created a nice ambience. They had some technical difficulties w/ getting the projector to work, so it started about 40 minutes late. Luckily they had some pizza, chips, cookies, warm apple cider, and hot chocolate to tide us over. I was surprised at how COLD it got in the barn, and I’m glad I had my coat and a few blankets!

I’m glad we made the effort to go even though neither of us found any guys to date. As soon as we got in the car and were on the freeway all 3 kids fell asleep. Autumn & I got home around 10:30 and she was wiped! It will be interesting to see how she acts tomorrow b/c she’s going to be TIRED!

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packmom said...

The barn event looks so fun. Too bad you didn't find any good guys though. I sure your magnolia tree survives. We have so many in this area but I really know nothing about them.