Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Keepin' It Real With Some Clutter Pictures

Usually tonight we would have gone to do the free craft at the local shopping center. But, both Autumn & I decided that we would rather just stay home tonight. I'm glad, b/c as you can see I had A LOT of cleaning up to do. The Young Women are coming over to our house tomorrow night for the activity and I needed to clear off the counters. Especially the corner closest to the trash can, which tends to be our "dump spot" when we walk in. That's where I dump all the papers and things that need to be looked at. 

This is what the kitchen table looked like before I started cleaning. This is were we sit to scrapbook, craft, do homework, etc. Again, all the piles of stuff needed to be put away. Most of it I put in the "scary office" to deal w/ at a later date. We got the dishes done, counters cleaned off and wiped down, vacuuming done, etc. It feels so much better now that I'm prepared for the YW to come over tomorrow night.

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