Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Games & Plans

Tonight for our youth activity the Deacons (12 - 13 year old boys) were in charge. They had planned a game night where they had a bunch of different games set up. Since they didn't need to have a lot of youth leaders there, the YW leaders and I took the chance to have a quick meeting about what to do for New Beginnings in February. We were going to do a "feast" to go along with "feast on the word of Christ." But that's going to be way too much work, and so we decided to simplify. I'm all about keeping it simple but spiritual.

Earlier this week one of the young women took it upon herself to put together a questionnaire about our ward young women's camp coming up this summer. She wanted to discuss some of her ideas for camp with us leaders at the end of the activity. I'm so proud of her for taking the initiative and being proactive about it. It was a fun activity from what I heard from the kids, and a productive one for me to get some plans in the works. YAY!

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