Thursday, January 14, 2016

Babysitting With The Youth

Tonight after dinner, Autumn & I went over to the church to help some of the youth babysit some Primary aged kids. The adults were having a fireside on depression/anxiety and they wanted spouses to be able to come together. So, the Relief Society asked us if we could provide babysitting in the nursery. I bribed the youth if they came and helped that I would make them brownies b/c we didn't have very many youth sign up to help. I wasn't sure how many little kids we would have, but it worked out perfectly. We had 6 youth show up and we only had about 8 little kids.

 Sean was for sure the FAVORITE youth of the night. He was SO CUTE with the boys and pretended to be The Hulk. He would chase them around and then when he caught them he would hold them up on the wall. We were all laughing so hard and the boys LOVED it!

 This one made me laugh b/c he's got Jacob up on the wall and one of the other boys came over and was trying to save him from Sean.

 We had Frozen playing on the TV but no one was really watching it by the end of the event (it went from 7:00 - 8:15). So, I paused the movie and made up some games to keep the kids entertained. I had everyone lay on the floor and I said I wanted to see who could do the best hot dog impression. Then I said hamburger, then banana, etc. I just kept making up random foods. That worked for about 5 minutes but then they got bored with that.

The weather was nice and warm outside (low 60's) so we went outside so they could burn off some energy. I had them race in pairs, then we did some yoga, then they played freeze tag. By this time the fireside was over and we sent them home w/ their parents. It ended up being a great night, and I'm glad we didn't have a ton of kids to wrangle and keep entertained.

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