Monday, February 1, 2016

Highlights & Haircut By Hanah

 My hair has gotten too long on top for my liking, b/c when it gets too long it falls flat and I need volume up top since the bottom of my hair is so curly & voluminous. So, I made an appointment last week to get my hair highlighted and colored tonight. Of course my hair looked fabulous (in my humble opinion) today, and was styled just the way I like it. I joked w/ Hanah that my hair must have known it was going to get cut so it was trying to be on its best behavior so I wouldn't cut it. LOL.

I got Autumn from daycare, we hurried through the McDonald's drive thru to grab some dinner, and drove up to Hanah's. I told her I wanted warm caramel highlights, especially on the top part of my hair b/c the previous highlights were really grown out. She highlighted my hair, and while we were waiting for the color to set she made dinner for her kids. She made a really yummy chicken enchilada soup and showed me a sneaky trick. She just boils her chicken in water w/ onions and then when it's cooked she puts it in a bowl and shreds it w/ her hand mixer! It was done in about 7 seconds and was perfectly shredded. BRIILLIANT! Then she said she does about 6 chicken breasts at a time and just uses half the mix in the meal she's currently making and saves the other half in the fridge for a meal on another night. So smart!

Anyways, we ate a small bowl of soup w/ them while we waited for the highlights in my hair to set. Then she washed it out w/ the yummiest smelling shampoo. I didn't want any length taken off the bottom of my hair, but I wanted her to make it more layered and pieced on the top. I'm excited to see how it looks once I style it tomorrow. She does such a great job and is so reasonably priced. Plus, it's just fun to talk to her and catch up w/ each other's lives.

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Jen T said...

Always so nice to get your hair done! That is a cool trip for the chicken. Will have to try that. Hope you are doing great!