Sunday, March 20, 2016

Breakfast In Bed

We got to sleep in this morning b/c we didn't have to be to Stake Conference until 1:00 pm. I was talking on the phone w/ Nate for a while & my sweet Autumn girl brought us both breakfast in bed. We had peanut butter & nutella waffles, Cheez Its, and granola bars. What a sweetie!

I got up and made this breakfast taters casserole for my YW presidency meeting at 10:30. I'm so thankful for the insight and support that the other ladies are to me. After they left Nick, Autumn, and I hurried and ate and rushed over to the new church building for Stake Conference. Donna & Abbey sat with us along w/ Riannon & Olivia. Olivia was so cute and it was fun to snuggle on her for a little bit.

After Stake Conference, a group of us were standing around talking. Olivia went over to give Autumn a hug goodbye and accidentally pulled Autumn's skirt all the way down!!! Autumn hurried and pulled it back up and luckily it was just the Deckers and me and Riannon standing there so no else saw! We all laughed really hard about it (including Autumn).

We came home, grabbed a bite to eat, and I left to go visiting teaching. It was a good day, but the weekends always go by way too fast. I stayed up late watching TV, so I called Mom before going to bed b/c I had a few things to ask her. It was midnight my time and 7:00 her time. We talked for TWO HOURS!!! I am going to be so tired tomorrow!!!

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