Monday, March 21, 2016

Family Home Evening With A Tall Giraffe

 Nate said that they want to start having Family Home Evening on a regular basis, and in an effort to hold themselves accountable and follow through on that they've invited Autumn & I to join them. For dinner we had Jersey Mike's sandwiches, and they are soooo delicious and soooo flavorful. Since Nate & Riannon provided dinner, Autumn & I did the music and lesson for FHE. I told the story of the disobedient ghosts, which is one of my favorites from when I was a kid. I even used Mom's original visual aids. So fun!

After our short lesson (Olivia doesn't have a very long attention span), I came up w/ the idea that we should do a dog pile. This was our first attempt, which as you can see did not go very well. But, it did produce a lot of laughs.

 Autumn & I also handed out the gifts that Mom & Dad sent back with us from Africa. I can't believe that that trip was almost a month ago! We're slackers and have just had the suitcases sitting in my room. I finally got tired of looking at them, so we made sure to bring them over tonight so we could empty them and put them away. Olivia's gift was this cute giraffe blanket. She liked standing up on Nate's shoulders so she could be tall like a giraffe.

I said we had to try the dog pile again and do it right this time. So, Nate put Autumn on his back (she had a hard time getting on top of the dog pile the first time around), and then he laid down on my back, and then Riannon hurried and put Olivia on Autumn's back. Yes, we're crazy but we also know how to have a good time and be silly together. It was a great FHE.

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Jen T said...

What a good idea to do FHE together! That is awesome! Love the dog pile! I can't believe you have been home a month. What an amazing experience for you!!!