Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

 HAPPY EASTER! I am so proud of my Autumn Girl, b/c she decided to fast for 2 meals today since it's Fast Sunday. That's hard to do, but especially on Easter when there's all sorts of candy to be enjoyed. I had ward council this meeting before church, and it was good. As soon as we were done I rushed home to pick up Autumn so we could be to church on time.

It was a great Sunday, especially since the focus was even more on the Savior. During 3rd hour the Laurels went into Relief Society (we do that once every 2 months) just to get them used to being in there so it's not such a weird transition once they graduate. I got to sit next to Liz and hold Baby Jordan the whole time. It was awesome!

After church we came home, and our home teachers & Christy came over at 3:00. Christy's Dad was out of town and she was home all by herself, so we invited her to come over and spend the afternoon with us.

After our home teachers left, we had left over sausage & kale pasta for lunch. We sat & talked w/ Christy until she had to leave to go out with the sister missionaries at 6:00. I made dinner, and that was about the extent of our Easter Sunday. Nothing fancy, super low key, but full of incredible gratitude for Jesus Christ and ALL that He has done for us.

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