Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Personal Progress Game

Tonight for our activity it was YW combined. My FABULOUS, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE new YW secretary put together a fun Personal Progress game. It was kind of like Scattegories, and was super fun. Even Autumn got to participate, b/c we needed more people to play. I'm beyond thankful for Sis. W and her focus and enthusiasm on Personal Progress.

 For the refreshments she got these cupcakes w/ frosting in the colors of the YW values.

Then she added a little piece of white chocolate to the center of each one that had a temple embossed on it. The girls LOVED it! It was a great & meaningful activity.

I had a rough evening b/c I had to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with 3 of my Young Women. I feel bad, b/c it became more a lecture and less of a two way conversation. It became pretty heated b/c I told them they need to quite being so exclusive, and step up to the plate b/c they are soon to be the oldest YW and they need to set the example. I regret that I was talking to them out of a place of frustration instead of a place of love. 

I called the Bishop when I got home just to let him know what had happened. He listened to me recount what happened and then he asked me how I was doing. Of course that opened up the flood gates and I just cried and cried. I expressed my frustration, b/c I've been fasting and praying and attending the temple for months and months with how to handle this situation on my mind. No inspiration has come to me, and I've been trying my best to be worthy to receive that inspiration. He is so wise and suggested that maybe I approach it from a different angle. He said to try praying to love them the way the Savior does instead of trying to fix anything.

Before going to bed I had a good cleansing cry, had a deep & meaningful prayer with Heavenly Father, and went to bed with peace in my heart and mind. I feel like I damaged my relationships w/ those 3 girls and plan on doing my best to repair those relationships.

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Jen T said...

We all need a good cry now and then. Don't be discouraged, as long as we are doing our best and heading toward Christ we will make it. Best of luck with those girls! I understand where you are coming from!