Thursday, March 31, 2016

YW Errands & VB Practice

 This morning I sent a text to the 3 girls I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with last night to apologize and to see if they could get together tonight. They all had something going on, so we'll try to get together another time. 

Last night we started 2 personal progress experiences we can complete over the next 3 weeks. Today I read the "For The Strength Of Youth" booklet and then picked 3 standards that I need to work on. Two of them are music & media. I am going to try and only listen to classical music or the Christian station on the radio. Also, I'm going to try and limit the amount of time I spend on Facebook. I got all of my work done and then I ended up reading several amazing articles from past general authorities.

 I took Autumn to volleyball practice and they are working on what area they each need to cover. They were practicing w/ a volleyball so it would give them time to get to the ball before it hit the ground. After a few minutes I left to go run some Young Women errands. I took a treat & card to 2 young women that weren't at our New Beginnings night. I dropped of a treat to one of the ladies I visit teach, but she wasn't home so I just left it on her porch. I also dropped off a treat and card to the Primary President b/c I feel like that calling is so important and yet it often gets overlooked.

I came back to Autumn's volleyball practice to watch the last 10 minutes. They played against the 1st graders who they share the gym with. Both teams are afraid to move to the ball, so it usually just lands right between 2 players. I'll try and work w/ Autumn on moving around when we practice instead of throwing the ball right to her. Look at how much taller she is than the other girls on her team. LOL! #amazonwomanwarriorproblems

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