Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Book To Read & Wise Use Of Time

 Someone had posted on Facebook about this new book by Josi S. Kilpack. It's called "Forever and Forever: The Courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton." It's based on a true story. I was intrigued b/c it's a "Proper Romance" novel which means that it's a "clean" romance novel with no "smut." I appreciate that so much, b/c so many bookies, movies, and TV shows are ruined with inappropriate things that are not necessary. I tried seeing if it was available at the local library so I didn't have to buy it, but they didn't have it at all. So, I downloaded the kindle app on my phone and purchased the book to read. Technology is AMAZING and it's crazy to think I can get a book to read on my phone in just a matter of seconds. Although, I still prefer having an actual physical book to read from.

 I dropped Autumn off at volleyball and used that time to go and fulfill my Young Women's calling instead of just sitting and scrolling through Facebook while waiting for Autumn. I went and took some of the 3-2-1 cake treats we had made last night along w/ camp forms to the less active young women. It feels good to use my time wisely. I made it back to Autumn's practice in time to watch the last 10 minutes. I'm glad they have another team to practice their volleyball skills with. It's so much different to hit the ball around w/ your teammates versus trying to actually get it over the net.

 I'm thankful for her coaches who invest their time and effort to help these sweet girls. I'm glad this is something Autumn is interested in and that she enjoys doing.

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Jen T said...

I love all the Proper Romances Desert Book has come out. This one is on my "to-read" list too! Let me know what you think. Have you read Josi Kilpack's culinary mystery series? Good stuff!