Sunday, April 10, 2016

Simple & Sweet Spirit-Filled Sunday

 Church today was excellent. One of our Bishopric counselors was released b/c he's been called as a high councilman. A new counselor was called (he used to work in Young Men's) and I think he'll be great. The Spirit was really strong in sacrament meeting today and the tears flowed freely. I LOVE going to Sunday School & getting to sit back and just soak in the lesson and the Spirit. In Young Women's Bro. A came & taught the Laurels class about Family History. He did a great job.

 After church Autumn & I stayed for Bishop's Youth Council. I'm thankful for the 6 class presidents who stayed after church to talk about the youth in our ward, what we can do to help them, and our upcoming activities. Riannon invited us over for dinner, so we went over around 6:00 ish. We had grilled veggies, bratwurst, and cheddar biscuits.

At 7:00 Autumn & I went back over to take more bluebonnet pics, b/c her hair was in tight ringlets from putting them in curlers last night. We got some great pictures (the last 5 pics when you click on THIS link).

We came home, relaxed a little bit, and then it was bedtime. After I got her to bed I sat down to edit the 200+ bluebonnet pictures I took of her! Someone had posted this recipe for peanut butter bars w/ chocolate ganache. I just happened to have some heavy cream I needed to use before it goes bad, so I made some. They are DIVINE! I didn't add any of the salt that it calls for in the recipe, and I just used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of baking chocolate.

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