Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spa Setup, Brownies & Bonding, Meeting With The Bishop

 At church on Sunday Autumn arranged for 2 friends to come over for a play date. When she was at their house a few weeks ago they had set up a spa, so Autumn wanted to do the same thing at our house. We had 6 "stations" they could go to. This was a back massage station where they could lay out on the couch and she would rub their back w/ this little contraption.

 Then she had a hair station where they could sit and get their hair done all fancy-like.

 There was a head massage station that had that little contraption she has on top of her head. Don't mind the big Elsa sticker on the wall (get got it for Christmas but it eventually made its way upstairs).

 I think Autumn's favorite stations was the nail painting station. She had all my fingernail polish bottles lined up in rainbow color order.

 While Autumn & her friends were upstairs having their spa time I had 2 young women come over for "Brownies & Bonding." These are our 2 newest Beehives, so it was wonderful to talk w/ them and get to know them better b/c I don't know either of them very well at all (although I do know their parents well).

 While we were waiting for the brownies to finish baking, they wanted to go upstairs and see what the younger girls were up to. Everyone enjoyed being at the "Relaxation Station" with cucumbers on their eyes. We even had some soft classical music playing to help them relax.

 That didn't last for very long b/c they're all so high energy. We ended up going outside so they could hit the volleyball and run around. The Beehive girls went home at 7:30, and I packed up Autumn & the other 2 girls and took them over to the L's house.

The ward executive secretary had emailed me on Monday to see if I could meet w/ the Bishop tonight. Of course I had 10 different scenarios playing out in my head as to why the Bishop would want to meet w/ me. I thought maybe I was being released and would get a new calling, or maybe one of the parents of the YW had complained and we needed to discuss it, etc. Come to find out, he just wanted to talk about Young Women's, how it's going, if I'm doing ok, etc. We had a good discussion, and I'm thankful for him and his insights. One thing he said that stuck out to me was, "if the Heavens seem closed to you (regarding inspiration on what to do), maybe that means there is a different conversation taking place than the one you want." I will continue to try and make decisions that will allow the Spirit to inspire me.

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