Saturday, April 16, 2016

Volleyball, Moving, & A Luau

 Nate was so nice & came over this morning on his way home from work to drop off some BBQ breakfast burritos for Autumn. He said he wanted her to be fueled up for her volleyball game. The teammate of the week gets to pick the hairstyle and this week it was Princess Leia buns. But, I think the girls looked more like they had Shrek ears. LOL! They didn't win any of their 3 matches, but they still played great and are getting better as a team.

 Autumn & I hurried and went to Costco to get a cake for a church meeting tomorrow and to get a few other things we needed. Then we went over to Nate & Riannon's to help them move. We loaded up our cars w/ small boxes and took them to the new house. Then Riannon & the girls stayed there while Nick & I went back over to Mom & Dad's house. By the time we got there, a bunch of guys from the ward were there to help them load the big stuff onto a trailer and into the back of trucks.

 I loaded up my car again and went back to the new house to drop off some things and pick up Olivia & Autumn. I was so surprised to find Jacob & his Grandpa there! They are in Nate & Riannon's new ward and had come to help the new family in the ward move in. They had no idea it was Nate & Riannon and that Nate's my brother! What a small world.

 I grabbed the girls and rushed to go pick up the 20 pizzas I had ordered for all the guys that were working. We had about 30 guys at Mom & Dad's house helping, and Nate said there would be at least that many from their new ward at the new house to help unload. I figured these are big guys so they'd each eat 3 - 4 slices. Well, when I got back to the house all but 5 of the guys had left!!! So, we had a lot of extra pizzas. Nate said he would take them to the police station to share them w/ the policemen.

 After we ate a few slices of pizza, we went back to Mom & Dad's house. Riannon wanted me to put Olivia down for a nap, and her bed was still at Mom & Dad's house. While she slept Autumn & I vacuumed the dining room & formal living room since all of Nate & Riannon's stuff was now gone. Then we relaxed and watched the last 1/2 of Hope Floats until Olivia woke up.

 Nate got back over to Mom & Dad's around 5:30, so Autumn & I hurried home and changed into our luau gear and went to the church. Another ward was having a luau, but a few of my Young Women were in one of the dances so we went to support them. Plus, how could I keep myself away from a luau that was so close? The hosting ward even had a real kalua pig there w/ all the fixin's, pineapple upside down cake for dessert, and a delicious tropical drink. The dancing was very professionally done, and I was impressed.

 We all went outside for the final dance, which was the fire dance! I felt bad for the guy performing it b/c it was really windy. But, he did a great job anyways.

 I told Autumn we should sign her up for hula lessons b/c she could totally pass as a Polynesian princess. These little girls did such a wonderful job for one of the Tahitian dances.

We hurried and rushed over to the $1 Store b/c I needed to get some balloons for one of my YW who turned 16 today. Autumn & I laughed when we walked in and there was a bunch of Polynesian stuff to match our outfits. We hurried and got what we needed and went over to my YW's house and sneakily decorated her door. I feel bad that we didn't get to it until the end of the day, but we were just going non-stop today! We'll for sure sleep well tonight.

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Jen T said...

You had a very busy day! love the volleyball girls hair! What a cute idea! moving is so much work! Glad you had lots of help and lots of pizza :) have a great week!