Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Frosting Fun

 Tonight for YW we had a little drama before it started with figuring out which room we would be in. Sis. W had gone early and set up the YW room, but then there was a viewing for a funeral and the Stake called to say they needed that room to serve refreshments in for those who were attending the funeral. But, they promised they would put everything back the way it had been set up. Poor Sis. W was beside herself. Then the Stake called and said they were going to move us into the gym b/c the viewing might go longer! Long story short, it all worked out just fine and I'm glad we ended up in the gym so if we spilled anything on the ground it wasn't on carpet.

For our activity Sis. W arranged for a girl that used to be in our ward to come and teach the YW how to decorate baked goods w/ frosting. Sis. W had gone to A LOT of work and had bought a huge container of frosting at Sam's Club. I had no idea they sold that must frosting, but it was brilliant so she didn't have to make it herself.

Scarlett demonstrated 4 different frosting tips to use to make different designs. There was a small round one for doing lettering, one that made frosting look like a leaf, a bigger tip to make shells/scallops around the edge of a cake, and then a super big one that was used to make roses.

 After she had demonstrated the 4 types of frosting tips, it was time for the YW to practice. They each got a piece of wax paper along w/ a bag of frosting to practice.

 After they had been at a station for a while we had them switch to a different station to try a new tip.

 We had them scrape the frosting off their wax paper and put it in plastic bowls that we had in the middle of the table. Then us leaders would take the bowls when they were full of frosting and "recycle" it. The easiest way to do it is to plop a blob of frosting onto a piece of saran wrap. Then you fold the saran wrap over the frosting, grab both ends, and spin it. It creates these little "balls" of frosting. You cut off the extra saran wrap on one end, slide it into the frosting bag, and then you keep the inside of the frosting bag clean. BRILLIANT! Sis. S was spinning the bag around and there was a hole in the saran wrap and some frosting flew off onto her glasses. LOL!

Once the YW had practiced all of the tips, Scarlett had them come up 2 at a time and they decorated a cupcake with a yellow rose and green leaves. They then got to decorate a second cupcake however they wanted. They took the yellow rose cupcake and put it in a nice box to give to their mothers. The second one they got to keep and eat themselves. 

The idea is that they go home, give their Mom's the cupcakes, and talk about Faith #2 value to get that passed off. It was a great activity leading up to Mother's Day on Sunday. It was a wonderful activity, and was A LOT OF WORK! I really appreciate all that Sis. W did to prepare it and pull it off.

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Jen T said...

What a fun activity! That is a lot of work but great skills to learn!!!