Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Big Dog & Brownies And Bonding

Look at how much our little Luna baby has grown! She's massive! It seems like every single day she's grown an inch. She has transitioned from being more puppy-like into being more dog-like! Pretty soon she'll be going away to training to be a hunting dog. When she gets back from that she'll be so completely different! I hope she remembers us!

Tonight for Brownie & Bonding I had Trica & Lily come over since we had to reschedule from last week due to the impending bad weather. As you can see, they're so much fun! I am really enjoying getting to know the younger Young Women that I don't get to interact with as often as the older ones. While our brownies were baking we hurried over to "heart attack" the door of one of the girls in our ward that is turning 12 today!

After they went home I baked 2 boxes worth of cupcakes for our YW activity tomorrow. It will be so strange someday when I'm released and have so much free time. I am loving this season of service.

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